Cockapoo Puppy At Rest


An unusual but welcome sight in the day of a puppy owner’s life.  🙂  Usually we see this face:  “Can we go out?  Please?  I love you!”

DSCN2235 Finnegan is now five and a half months old, and lost his first baby tooth the other day.  My youngest daughter was upset that there was apparently no tooth fairy for dogs.  But Finnegan got an extra treat or two (or ten) that day, which is the best kind of tooth fairy for him.  🙂  Have a blessed day!  Lisa

Meet Finnegan


This blog has been quiet lately, and here’s a picture of the reason….presenting Finnegan, or Finn as we call him.  He’s a 9 1/2 week old cockapoo, and he’s been at our home now for 3 days.  🙂  After our beloved Fritz passed away in December, we thought, “That’s it…no more dogs…it hurts too much to lose them.”  But how can I not ever feel the unconditional love of a sweet dog again?  Those big eyes looking up at you, trusting, loving, needing?  Well, short answer:  I couldn’t.  Enter Finnegan.  So now we’re head over heels in love already, and busy taking care and training our new puppy baby.  I will try to be diligent to update periodically on his progress.  If you have a pet in your life, enjoy them as much as you can today.  I will do the same.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa