In a few weeks, I’ll hopefully be sitting back at this piano, trying to capture in digital form what is in my heart.  If any of you remember to say a prayer during that time, beginning August 5, I would so appreciate those prayers.  I just want God to be happy with the cries of my heart, for Him to know how much I love him.  Excited and thankful, Lisa

The Lonely Microphones


Microphones are amazing; they amplify, they enhance, they enrich.  Yet without the sound, the voice; they are simply waiting.  Waiting for the person, the instrument, the sound, the vibrations to enter in and make the magic.  Hopefully these mics won’t have to wait too long.  🙂

Sing a new and happy song on your Wednesday; with or without your mic, God will love it!  🙂  Slainte, Lisa



Excitement building

Plans unfolding

Wheels are turning in my mind

Hope and newness and sounds

Swirling, tumbling, teasing, calling

Right around the next breath

c2014 Lisa Lyons

 “Is anyone happy?  Let him sing songs of praise.”  ~James 5:13b

Blessings and happiness and excitement and joy to you today, Lisa

Where Does Good Music Come From?

Most of you already know this, but I’ll say it again….I love music.  It can set my heart free from the burdens of this world and put me in a better mood almost within a few bars of a good song.  Where does good music come from?  Does it….


..Come from sitting at an instrument, improvising and having fun and then it suddenly comes like a bolt from above?


..Come from having skilled and talented mixers/recorders/engineers and using the very best that technology offers?


..Come from above, inspired by an amazing Creator God who has made us in His image, able to love and be inspired and create a new thing?

Actually, I think all three are valid and true.  I am totally into a good mic and an awesome effect put on my voice to make it sound just a little cooler than before.  🙂  I love sitting at the piano and playing away, some good and some bad chords until something just hits me.  And I also know, without a doubt, that God above allows me to live and move and do anything that I can do.  “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…” -James 1:17   Have an awesome week ahead, using the very special and unique gift that you have, to create something new and beautiful.  Slainte, Lisa

Listening While Hearing, and the Absence Thereof

This is what we did yesterday, for many hours.  Mixed, listened, tried to hear, discern, weed out, keep in, enhance.  I never fully realized how tricky it is to listen, not only to listen but to hear, feel , sense.  Mixing is an art form unto itself; kudos to Chris at Virginia Arts for doing such a great job so far.

That’s right, we’re not done yet, and that’s ok.  You can only listen & hear simultaneously for so many hours.  We’ll hopefully finish next week.  I’m so excited about all the talent and hard work and  cool God stuff that came out of the session.  🙂

This whole recording/editing/mixing thing has made me realize that it is vital that I try to really hear more, and not just listen.  When those little birds are singing, I will try to hear them more and pay attention.  When my husband or children are talking to me about something, I need to stop and slow down and hear them.  Because hearing is an art form, and they are precious, and so is time.    Slainte, Lisa