In a few weeks, I’ll hopefully be sitting back at this piano, trying to capture in digital form what is in my heart.  If any of you remember to say a prayer during that time, beginning August 5, I would so appreciate those prayers.  I just want God to be happy with the cries of my heart, for Him to know how much I love him.  Excited and thankful, Lisa

Irish Air

I sing of the ocean wild and strong

I sing of the God who is stronger

The God who loves me through it all

And never leaves my side….

I sing of the beauty that He has made

I sing of His grace and mercy

The mercy that found me and saved my life

The mercy that set me free

Yes, He has set me free…

(“Air”, c 2012 Lisa Lyons, Flight of Freedom)

Going into the studio today…excited, nervous, both!  🙂  If you like to pray, please pray for me to feel God’s peace and to sing for Him.

Have a wonderful day!  Slainte, Lisa