Listening While Hearing, and the Absence Thereof

This is what we did yesterday, for many hours.  Mixed, listened, tried to hear, discern, weed out, keep in, enhance.  I never fully realized how tricky it is to listen, not only to listen but to hear, feel , sense.  Mixing is an art form unto itself; kudos to Chris at Virginia Arts for doing such a great job so far.

That’s right, we’re not done yet, and that’s ok.  You can only listen & hear simultaneously for so many hours.  We’ll hopefully finish next week.  I’m so excited about all the talent and hard work and  cool God stuff that came out of the session.  🙂

This whole recording/editing/mixing thing has made me realize that it is vital that I try to really hear more, and not just listen.  When those little birds are singing, I will try to hear them more and pay attention.  When my husband or children are talking to me about something, I need to stop and slow down and hear them.  Because hearing is an art form, and they are precious, and so is time.    Slainte, Lisa