Where Will You Land?


You are a bird; you’re riding the currents of the wind as it tears over Valentia Island.  You sense rather than know that Portmagee and rest of Ireland is right over the water.  There is a ridge way off in the distance that you may fly to, just to feel the pull of the mountain on your wings.  But beautiful delicious fish beckon and taunt you from the sparkling waters.  Where will you land first?  Comment below; BE THE BIRD!  😉  Slainte, Lisa

A Great Day to Go Flying


When I was ten years old, my dad learned to fly.  He did countless take-offs and landings, solos, flew cross country, took tests, and finally, he was a pilot.  The thrilling part to me was that we would get to go up with him….very soon!  I trusted him completely; after all, he was my dad, and I was always safe with my dad.  All we needed was the perfect day for our first flight as a family.  Finally, that day came.  Dad said, “It’s a great day to go flying!”  And off we went, soaring off into the blue skies in our little Cessna four-seater.  It was wonderful.  🙂

It has now been ten unbelievably hard and sad days since my amazing dad has flown away into heaven and God’s arms.  I don’t ever think I will stop missing him, wanting to talk to him, ask him a question, give him a big hug.  But I also know that where he is, there is no more crying, no more pain, and beauty beyond imagining as far as the eye can see.  And when I get there one day, he will be there, waiting, with Jesus, and he will say, “It’s a great day to go flying!”  And off we’ll go, and it will be wonderful.  I love you, Dad.  Love, Lisa


Jet Streams and the Irish Classic Mineral Water Company

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I hereby present picture exhibit A… lovely jet streams.

And picture exhibit B…an empty bottle of Irish Classic Mineral Water Company’s sparkling pure Irish water with my cup containing said water beside it.

What possible link could there possibly be between the two you ask?  Has this blogger finally lost all sense of reason?

A jet stream remains in the sky, seen and witnessed as plausible proof that a jet had been there.  Yet this must be believed by faith sometimes, as the jet is long gone.

I tell you that the green cup contains the sparkling Irish water that was once in the bottle, yet you have to believe me and take it by faith that that is really what is in there.

Beautiful things all around us(blue skies, amazing creatures, storms, oceans, mountains, brand new babies, bird songs, music, true love, art, sunsets, etc)…………………………………………………………………………….Jesus.

Have a joyful time connecting the dots.  Slainte, Lisa

The Sound Before the Sight

Hearing the sound before the sight

The whirling notes of a great fan in the air

Looking up to see a mass of flight above

Small birds in size, but mighty in number

Flying as one body,with one direction, waving on the wind

The sky rejoices that God has put them there

God rejoices that we notice

We rejoice to see and know and love more

Slainte, Lisa

c 2012 Lisa Lyons

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Fairy Glen

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to believe in wee folk, fairies, wood elves, whatever you like to call the sprightly creatures.  My rational mind tells me that this is foolishness; yet my thoughts easily go back to playing in the woods, laying out little half nut-shells for their beds under the trees when I visited glens like this one near Killarney, Ireland.

Call it too many viewings of “Peter Pan” as a child, or simply a yearning to fly in heaven one day.  God has placed in me an intense desire to fly someday…whether in a plane, or better yet, free-flying like a bird.   I have these amazing flying dreams where I can fly, and I never want to wake up.  Others in my immediate family have had these kind of dreams also, and they are a big hit with all of us.  How about any of you?  Had any awesome flying dreams lately?  If so, please share.  If not, please don’t laugh out loud too raucously.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa