The Story of the Guardians



Near Portnoo, overlooking Narin Beach, there are these cows.  Many lovely beach cottages line this road leading to the harbor, but these cows have a lovely piece of grass overlooking the water all to themselves.  And they seemed to be taking their babysitting duties quite seriously, as there were two lovely little calves resting peacefully between them.  No fences, no barriers, just the cows, the grass, the cliff, and the sea.  Maybe they were on holiday.  😉  Have a great day, Lisa

Donkey, the Line Leader


Take a nap?  Good idea.  Get in line?  Ok.  Do what you’re doing, Mr. Donkey?  Sounds great.  We’re in.

These three were so cute the other day that I actually turned the car around and went back to snap their image with my phone.

Enjoy your Monday, and if you can find time to squeeze in a little nap, fair play to you.  Slainte, Lisa

The Largeness of Farm Animals


The sheep post yesterday has put me in a mind to discuss a further aspect of farm animals, purely from a non-farm girl perspective.  Cows are big.  And you don’t really realize that until you are face to face with one, or surrounded by a traveling pack of them in your subcompact car on an astonishingly narrow Irish road.  If one of these bovines had decided to take a sit down on our hood, it would have been all over for the poor little car.  😉  Luckily, greener pastures were calling, and their hooves kept on moving.

Moral of the story?  If you run into a farm animal today, take a picture.  Start a blog.  You never know.  haha  Slainte, Lisa

P.S.  For those of you on the edge of their seats to hear how the sheep contest turned out, the climbing sheep of Carrantuohill and the grazing sheep of Dingle are in a dead heat tie.  Please vote to put an end to this madness once and for all!


Cows on the Edge

Ireland 2_0034

These two bovine creatures are on edge, on the wrong side of the fence, living dangerously.  This was taken approaching Dingle, and we felt bad for their precarious situation, but didn’t want to make it worse by “helping” them back.  And as we know nothing about cows….Plus these two seemed quite content in their spot of choice.

Sometimes people put themselves in bad situations; we want to help, but we don’t know how.  We talk to them, we try to reason…but unless they want to get out of the craziness, they’ll just go back.  So then I pray, because God can talk them back from the edge in a way that I just can’t.  🙂  Blessings for your Monday, Lisa

A Winter’s Day Walk

I went for a lovely walk yesterday, and made a new friend along the way.  If there hadn’t been a big fence between him and me, I think he would have followed me anywhere.  I turned, he turned.  I took a picture, he would angle over and over for a better shot.  Frustrated model, I suppose.  Anyway, he was adorable.  The other cows looked rather bored with the whole thing, but patiently waited for me to leave.  A happy insertion into what I thought the walk would be.  May God bless you with an unexpected pleasure today.  Slainte, Lisa

“The finest of pleasures are always the unexpected ones.”    -Erin Morgenstern

The cows watch my approach.

The cows watch my approach.

The cute, camera-ready cow poses for his blog pictures.

The cute, camera-ready cow poses for his blog pictures.

Moving in for his close-up  :)

Moving in for his close-up 🙂

Saying goodbye until my next walk (with another friend trying to get in some late picture action)

Saying goodbye until my next walk (with another friend trying to get in some late picture action)