Donkey, the Line Leader


Take a nap?  Good idea.  Get in line?  Ok.  Do what you’re doing, Mr. Donkey?  Sounds great.  We’re in.

These three were so cute the other day that I actually turned the car around and went back to snap their image with my phone.

Enjoy your Monday, and if you can find time to squeeze in a little nap, fair play to you.  Slainte, Lisa

6 thoughts on “Donkey, the Line Leader

  1. The donkey and cows are cute and have cheered me up after my emotions have crashed following my dad’s funeral. I had worked hard along with my family to give him a good send off. And in many ways this has been successful and it has been a lovely day. Now emotionally I am crashing with the anti-climax and your cute picture has restored some equilibrium. Thank you.

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