Flying On Your Swing


Do you remember this?  Flying higher and higher on your swing until you felt like you were a bird or Peter Pan or some other invincible flying object?  The best of times, for me as a child, was swinging on my swing.

May your weekend be filled with invigorating breezes, sun on your face, and a smile in your heart.  Fly.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa



One of the cool things about kids is the way they explore a new place.  They don’t just casually stroll, commenting wisely on the architecture and historical significance; they crawl, climb, touch, jump, and experience. IMG_3168

Always fun (and slightly exhausting!  🙂  ) to watch.  And always a prod for me to see and touch and experience more right along with them.  Today I’m going to try to find at least one new thing to explore!  Blessings to all of you, Lisa



Adventures Await


Reencaheragh Strand, Portmagee

Another weekend is upon us.  The weekend before Thanksgiving, no less!  The question is….will I succumb to the frantic running about that seems to be inherent to this time of year, or will I try really hard to just breathe, and look at the sky, do what needs doing but no more, and enjoy the beauty and adventure of the day?  As a wife and mom, I definitely feel the pressure of “Oh no, I have done NO Christmas shopping yet!”  and “I really must get ready for the Thanksgiving car trip to family’s home”.  But there is another side of me this year that is resisting…a side that just wants to enjoy what’s right here, right now and not worry so much about what’s way ahead of me.  Because I feel that I’m missing so much of the now.  So right NOW I’m going to look at this picture for awhile, the sea, the rocks, the look of “what am I going to do first” on my children’s faces as they go down the ramp to the beach.  And then, well, who knows?  I will see what the day brings.  Enjoy every single adventure that your weekend holds for you.  Blessings, Lisa

Staking Their Claim

The men in our family are so much fun to travel with.  I never know what they will be up to next, and it usually involves something that will make me laugh, smile, and say things like, “You guys are crazy!”  🙂  I will let the pictures do the talking…    (By the way, the women in the family have a lot of fun too, but that’s another post for another day!)

Ireland 2_0031

The Lyons men plus a few assorted stuffed dogs staking their claim to “Castlelyons”

Interesting lunch menu :)

Interesting lunch menu 🙂

Ireland 2_0019

The Lyons gang rounded up and “locked” away for another day. 😉

Photos are provided complements of the year 2001.  The little guy with the stuffed animals is much taller than me now.  How does this happen?  Have a grand day filled with adventures, laughter, and warm drinks.  Slainte, Lisa