Adventures Await


Reencaheragh Strand, Portmagee

Another weekend is upon us.  The weekend before Thanksgiving, no less!  The question is….will I succumb to the frantic running about that seems to be inherent to this time of year, or will I try really hard to just breathe, and look at the sky, do what needs doing but no more, and enjoy the beauty and adventure of the day?  As a wife and mom, I definitely feel the pressure of “Oh no, I have done NO Christmas shopping yet!”  and “I really must get ready for the Thanksgiving car trip to family’s home”.  But there is another side of me this year that is resisting…a side that just wants to enjoy what’s right here, right now and not worry so much about what’s way ahead of me.  Because I feel that I’m missing so much of the now.  So right NOW I’m going to look at this picture for awhile, the sea, the rocks, the look of “what am I going to do first” on my children’s faces as they go down the ramp to the beach.  And then, well, who knows?  I will see what the day brings.  Enjoy every single adventure that your weekend holds for you.  Blessings, Lisa

Goals and Dreams


I was asking someone the other day if they were working on any goals.  A bit of laughter ensued, as we both realized that we were a little tired of goals.  But I prefer to think of them as action steps.  What I am going to do to get where I need to go.  Like this picture….off far in the misty distance is the beautiful island that I would love to see one day.  But right in front of me is the path with the beautiful black gate and lovely flowers.  I may or may not reach that island, but there is a good pathway right in front of me, right now.  And all I can do is what is in front of me, no worrying about yesterday, trying not to fret about all the things that may or may not happen tomorrow.  Putting a smile on my face, now.  Taking a couple deep breaths, and appreciate the fact that I’m alive, now.  Watching my fuzzy dog puttering about, now.  Inhaling my coffee, now.  Being thankful for all the good things God has blessed me with, now.  Love and blessings to you, Lisa.


How Will I Spend My Coin?

“Life is a coin.  You can spend it any way you wish, but you can spend it only once.”

-Lillian Dickson

The 5 year old tightly clutches the purse that holds her coins.  Four bright shiny quarters that she has brought to the shopping center.  She wonders what these four coins will bring into her day.  Then she sees it.  The colorful, musical carousel with four gleaming horses traveling in their circular route.  That’s it…that’s what she wants to spend her quarters on.  They clink into the slot, and the child selects the most beautiful horse of all to sit upon.  She smiles and enjoys the ride; the people who watch her enjoy the sheer happiness of this moment, of the beauty of being alive in God’s beautiful world, of seizing the seconds.  When the ride is over, the child and the people are still happy, because they now have a wonderful memory of the music, the smile, and the moment.   Slainte, Lisa

Happy Man

There’s a man that lives in a neighboring town who rides his red tractor around town every morning around 9 o’clock.  I have seen him every day as I was driving my daughters to day camp.  And he made my day, every day, because every day he has a HUGE smile on his face.  This man must be in his 90’s, and he is unable to drive his car anymore, but he is living “carpe diem” (seize the day) to the max.  I wish you could see him; his smile is infectious.  He seems to relish these moments on his tractor, moments of freedom and independence and driving, more than I relish my moments.  I want to be like him; he’s one of my new heroes.  I would love to take his picture, but I don’t want to make him self-conscious.  I just want him to keep loving life, and appreciating every moment, sitting and driving through town on his red tractor.

Drive your tractor, and please, put a smile on for him.  Slainte, Lisa


*Image via Google Images