How Will I Spend My Coin?

“Life is a coin.  You can spend it any way you wish, but you can spend it only once.”

-Lillian Dickson

The 5 year old tightly clutches the purse that holds her coins.  Four bright shiny quarters that she has brought to the shopping center.  She wonders what these four coins will bring into her day.  Then she sees it.  The colorful, musical carousel with four gleaming horses traveling in their circular route.  That’s it…that’s what she wants to spend her quarters on.  They clink into the slot, and the child selects the most beautiful horse of all to sit upon.  She smiles and enjoys the ride; the people who watch her enjoy the sheer happiness of this moment, of the beauty of being alive in God’s beautiful world, of seizing the seconds.  When the ride is over, the child and the people are still happy, because they now have a wonderful memory of the music, the smile, and the moment.   Slainte, Lisa