Permission to Dream

Outer Banks, NC seagull, dreaming seagull dreams 🙂

You have permission to dream. It is ok, actually more than ok; it is necessary to dream. God has created each one of us. We all have a unique personality and a unique reason that we are here on this earth. When we live and move and breathe in Christ Jesus, He gives us desires and dreams and goals. He has given us a mission each day, even if its just smiling at your neighbor, or being extra kind to your dog, or doing the laundry with a good attitude.

Life can try to beat those dreams out of us. Especially lately. COVID and the other problems of the world try to tell us there is no hope, no use, no way. But Jesus says, “With man this is impossible. But with God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

I am praying actively that Christ will bring my dreams into alignment with His. That He will continue to bring me out of my COVID and fear-induced stupor and into action for Him. I am trying to wake up each morning and be excited again about life and the day and what it holds. And I know that God, who loves me more than I can even imagine, has plans for me that I cannot fathom. That there is no age or circumstance where it is too late or impossible. I am giving myself permission to dream, and I am excited.

“A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul.” – Proverbs 13:19a

“Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” -Psalm 37:4

It’s ok to dream. Love the Lord with all your heart and soul and mind, and He will direct your steps. I would love to hear from you. Please write in the comments below. Have a wonderful weekend. Love, Lisa

The Healing Powers of an Enticing Goal from an Amazing God


God can use all sorts of things to heal us, to lift our spirits for a time and give us hope.  This picture shows us happily smiling with an amazingly beautiful view behind us in Portmagee, Ireland.  What the picture doesn’t show is the hike that preceeded it, one foot placed after the other to reach the top.  What it also doesn’t show is my sprained right ankle, carefully wrapped and tucked tightly inside a laced-up boot.  You see, I had turned it two days earlier in the airport enroute, and I thought hiking was definitely out of the question for a few more days.  I had iced, rested, elevated, but I was in IRELAND, baby!  We drove by this short hike, and I said, “Let’s try it….I can stop if it gets too bad.”  Step, step, step, keep going, almost there…..aaaahhhh…look at that view!!!!  🙂  And suddenly, that ankle felt so much better.  And it was fine the rest of the trip.  God’s beauty, a goal, what a great combination.

Note to self:  Must remember this story and keep on looking for the views.  🙂

Blessings on your day, Lisa



Unless you start doing something different,
you are in for more of the same.

~ Author Unknown ~

driving sheep

And in the end,
it’s not the years in your life that count,
it’s the life in your years.

~ Abraham Lincoln ~


Cut not the wings of your dreams,
for they are the heartbeat and the freedom of your soul.

~ Flavia ~


Life can only be understood backwards,
but can only be lived forwards.

~ Author Unknown ~


Blessings for your Thursday; live forward, different, fully, flying.  Lisa

Goals and Dreams


I was asking someone the other day if they were working on any goals.  A bit of laughter ensued, as we both realized that we were a little tired of goals.  But I prefer to think of them as action steps.  What I am going to do to get where I need to go.  Like this picture….off far in the misty distance is the beautiful island that I would love to see one day.  But right in front of me is the path with the beautiful black gate and lovely flowers.  I may or may not reach that island, but there is a good pathway right in front of me, right now.  And all I can do is what is in front of me, no worrying about yesterday, trying not to fret about all the things that may or may not happen tomorrow.  Putting a smile on my face, now.  Taking a couple deep breaths, and appreciate the fact that I’m alive, now.  Watching my fuzzy dog puttering about, now.  Inhaling my coffee, now.  Being thankful for all the good things God has blessed me with, now.  Love and blessings to you, Lisa.