You Might As Well Smile


I was raised on a wonderful musical diet growing up.  Glen Campbell, Elvis Presley, Lawrence Welk, Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand, Englebert Humperdinck, classical music, orchestral arrangements, swing, hymns, choirs, you name it.  My parents usually had something wonderful playing on the large wooden record player cabinet that sat in in our front hallway.

Anyway, with all the alarming and constant bombardment of bad news in the world, music can treat most of what ails me.  Put on a good song…..poof, the worries are gone, and I’m singing.   I would love to hear from any of you….what kind of music makes you feel better?

Enjoy this old classic from Glen Campbell.  Love, Lisa

Happy Man

There’s a man that lives in a neighboring town who rides his red tractor around town every morning around 9 o’clock.  I have seen him every day as I was driving my daughters to day camp.  And he made my day, every day, because every day he has a HUGE smile on his face.  This man must be in his 90’s, and he is unable to drive his car anymore, but he is living “carpe diem” (seize the day) to the max.  I wish you could see him; his smile is infectious.  He seems to relish these moments on his tractor, moments of freedom and independence and driving, more than I relish my moments.  I want to be like him; he’s one of my new heroes.  I would love to take his picture, but I don’t want to make him self-conscious.  I just want him to keep loving life, and appreciating every moment, sitting and driving through town on his red tractor.

Drive your tractor, and please, put a smile on for him.  Slainte, Lisa


*Image via Google Images