Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!  I am a big softie when it comes to “love” holidays, and I will grab any opportunity to give and show and get more love.  😉  This is my honey’s and my favorite love song, and before any of you say, “Oh no, another video!” , I want you to play it and dance with your best guy or girl or daughter/son or cat/dog/gerbil in the kitchen or living room or wherever.  Because life is precious and short, and we all need more love and kindness.

And in case I never say it, I love all you guys….what awesome readers you are!  Blessings on your day, Lisa

Love and Music

Happy Valentine’s Day! The day for love, for cards, for chocolate (oh, no), for flowers, for music. Being the romantic that I am, I am partial to this day, and I willfully block out all cynical thoughts that it is a day promoted by the greeting card industry. After all, why turn away sweet thoughts written on cards, extra hugs, and a little more attention?

And speaking of love, I want to begin a discussion on some great Irish musicians, and Continue reading