Music to Dance To While You’re Fixing Dinner

Had to post an awesome happy feel-good song that I just heard.  It’s  a mix of Irish trad and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” by Irish House Party.  Nice tin whistle work.  Play it while you’re fixing dinner; I dare you to stand still.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

My “I Would Love to Learn A New Instrument” Dilemma


120216-082014I love learning new instruments, or at least attempting!  I’ve played the piano since I was little, my comfort zone.  But as the years have gone by, I find myself with an ever-growing collection of different instruments all clamoring for my attention.  And it’s amazing how much harder Continue reading

Love and Music

Happy Valentine’s Day! The day for love, for cards, for chocolate (oh, no), for flowers, for music. Being the romantic that I am, I am partial to this day, and I willfully block out all cynical thoughts that it is a day promoted by the greeting card industry. After all, why turn away sweet thoughts written on cards, extra hugs, and a little more attention?

And speaking of love, I want to begin a discussion on some great Irish musicians, and Continue reading