Amazing Talent for your Thursday…Two Choices

For your Thursday’s listening enjoyment, I present Cara Dillon and her outstanding band, or…see below.  Check out the awesome low whistle solos in the middle and ending of the song.

For those of you who prefer a more pastoral video, here are some sheep, who may be talking, may be singing, or just may be hungry.  Regardless, they are cute and entertaining.  🙂

Sing your own beautiful song today…however the sound comes out.  Slainte, Lisa

Picking a Favorite

Many different instruments can be used to create the wonder that is celtic music.  Fiddle, tinwhistle, low whistle, guitar, accordian, bodhran drum, uillean pipes, hammered dulcimer, piano…..I’m sure I’m leaving out some, but you get the basic idea.  The other day as I was listening to a recording I tried to decide which instrument was my very favorite…the one I would miss the most if it was missing.  The winner?……..

The tinwhistles and low whistles…without a doubt.  Very expressive instruments that seem to “sing” the Irish melodies with just the right amount of melancholy or joy, depending on the tune.  I have some whistles, and have yet to capture the right sound.  Oh, I can play most of the notes, but there is so much more than that…the small little turns and dips and expression that makes it such a wonderful instrument.  But I’m glad I can’t play them right yet; it gives me something to work on to keep me out of trouble!  🙂

Enjoy whatever kind of music you’re listening to today, and sing to the Lord a new song!  Slainte, Lisa

*Picture via Google images*

My “I Would Love to Learn A New Instrument” Dilemma


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