My “I Would Love to Learn A New Instrument” Dilemma

120216-082014I love learning new instruments, or at least attempting!  I’ve played the piano since I was little, my comfort zone.  But as the years have gone by, I find myself with an ever-growing collection of different instruments all clamoring for my attention.  And it’s amazing how much harder it is to learn something as an adult.  OK, all you musicians out there, tell me it’s not just me!

My favorite “new” instrument is my hammered dulcimer, which was handmade in Maryland.  Hitting those strings with those little wooden hammers does wonders for your stress levels!  I also have an assortment of tin whistles (Shaw & Clarke mostly) and a Domnahl na Gruen low D whistle.  I would love to hear from any of you who love Celtic music.  Let me know what you play and your influences.  Here’s to always learning something new everyday….it keeps life full of adventure.



2 thoughts on “My “I Would Love to Learn A New Instrument” Dilemma

  1. I love the Celtic music. I’ve purchased a number of keys of Irish whistles for our musician daughter (and flautist) Taylor Melody. I’m also a big fan of the Scottish sound, hearing a little bag pipe in the harmonicas I play. Christmas time is certainly incomplete without the Celtic sound.Hammer Dulcimer? you need to seriously consider traveling to Morgantown West VA in the coming weeks to participate in the Gardner Winter Music Fest

    I’m ready to interview you on the radio, by the way. We recently added the capability to broadcast live music (in addition to your CDs) – so lets go! How about this Friday?

    Blessings to the Lyons!

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