Lisa’s Top 5 St Patrick’s Day Countdown…Number 5

My love of Irish music is deep. And about this time of year, my favorite groups, singers and songs get turned up a little louder and more frequently. So I thought it would be fun to have my own countdown of my favorite Irish groups/singers, some of which are traditional and some not so much. Without further ado…..number 5 is The High Kings, a group of four talented guys who could sing me my address book and I’d be happy. Enjoy “The Star of the County Down.” Slainte, Lisa

Anyone With a Screw Loose?

Look hard…it’s there…really…and you can have it back if it’s yours 🙂

….because I found it!  It’s wedged firmly and stubbornly in the tread of my car’s tire.

So now that my mode of transport is off at the tire spa for the day, I am feeling a bit trapped.  Not that I really wanted to go anywhere today, but just knowing that I can’t makes me want to.  Aaahhh….the human condition.  I bet a lot of you reading this feel the same way, and that brings me comfort for some reason.  I like when there are other kindred spirits out there who understand the things that we all go through, who come along and say, “Yep, I feel the same way…”  Even small things like random objects stuck into your tire, draining the tire of its power and buoyancy.

The only thing for this is some good music, and luckily for me and for you, Ireland is chock full of GREAT music.  Happy Friday, everyone, and may your tires be full of air, and may the road beneath you travel smoothly!  Slainte, Lisa

Soak It In

Yesterday I wrote about joy catching.  How to cultivate and encourage joyful moments in life.  Today I’m thinking about the reality of joy snatchers…the circumstances or people that try to grab and steal that joy as soon as you think you’ve found some. I don’t want to dwell on that too long, because, well, that’s a real downer, and yes, a joy snatcher!  🙂  Instead I want to focus on ways to regain your inner peace and joy after the attack of the snatchers.

1.  Read God’s Word.  Best medicine and advice and love ever.  Period.

2.  Sit in the sun for a few moments.  Soak in the warmth, close your eyes, and breathe.

3.  Call a good friend or loved one.

4.  Do something physical.  Vacuum the house, run, take a walk, pet your dog.

5.  Create something.  It doesn’t have to be a new Rachmaninoff or anything, just have fun drawing, coloring, writing, doodling, singing, playing an instrument.

6.  Put on your favorite music and dance in the kitchen.  Or in the living room.  Or outside in the driveway if you’re really daring.

Here’s a great toe-tapping song to help in that regard.  Performed by the High Kings, who by the way just performed for the White House St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.  They’re awesome and so talented.  Check out their website at

Slainte, Lisa