Wishful Thinking

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching on Monday, and stores everywhere filled to the brink with green tacky leprechaun-y things, my mind naturally turns to……..Ireland!  I bet you never would have guessed that from me, huh?!  🙂  Which of course leads me to the time-consuming YouTube, which of course led me to this driving in Ireland video.  It’s supposed to be humorous tutorial, but it just succeeds in making me long to be driving over there.  We spend so much of our trips in cars, squeezing down the narrow roads, always amazed at some of the roads we travel upon, and even more amazed at the places they lead us to.  Enjoy indulging in a little wishful thinking with me.  Slainte, Lisa

Anyone With a Screw Loose?

Look hard…it’s there…really…and you can have it back if it’s yours 🙂

….because I found it!  It’s wedged firmly and stubbornly in the tread of my car’s tire.

So now that my mode of transport is off at the tire spa for the day, I am feeling a bit trapped.  Not that I really wanted to go anywhere today, but just knowing that I can’t makes me want to.  Aaahhh….the human condition.  I bet a lot of you reading this feel the same way, and that brings me comfort for some reason.  I like when there are other kindred spirits out there who understand the things that we all go through, who come along and say, “Yep, I feel the same way…”  Even small things like random objects stuck into your tire, draining the tire of its power and buoyancy.

The only thing for this is some good music, and luckily for me and for you, Ireland is chock full of GREAT music.  Happy Friday, everyone, and may your tires be full of air, and may the road beneath you travel smoothly!  Slainte, Lisa