In the Valley of Beautiful


The valley of joy, the valley of troubles, the valley of indecision, the valley of the shadow of death….there are many valleys in this life.  But staying very close, looking right into the face of Jesus, is what keeps me going through these many wonderful valleys that we call life.  And knowing that we’re headed to the valley of beautiful.  Slainte, Lisa


*Photo taken in County Donegal, approaching Glengash Pass, July 2015




It’s easy for me to fear, to worry, to fret, to listen to too many news reports.  It’s hard to focus on what will take away that fear.  But when I do, it leaves, that sense of foreboding that claws at your insides.  When I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, what is really important, that fear leaves and love remains.  Blessings, Lisa

In the Mist

In the mist, there’s an island…

An island where there are flowers and rocks and life…

Within that life, there is love…

And in that love, there is Jesus.


Look through the mist of your life; sometimes things look very foggy and dim, but ahead there is love and life and Jesus.  Slainte, Lisa

Three Folds in my Garment

Three folds in  my garment

Yet only one garment I bear

Three joints in a finger

Yet only one finger is there

Three leaves in a shamrock

Yet only one shamrock I wear

Frost, ice and snow

Yet these three are nothing but water

Three persons in God

Yet only one God is there

-Irish blessing-

Thank you, God, for being an amazing, mind-blowing, beyond-my-imagination God.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Forever and ever.

Slainte, Lisa

Wind on the Haystacks

“There’s no need to fear the wind if your haystacks are tied down.”  -Irish proverb

Photo by Patricia Edwards in County Clare, 1958.


After piling the dried hay into 7 to 8 foot stacks, hayropes would be tied down over them.  At the end of the ropes were heavy stones to hold the haystacks down in the wind.  You can only imagine what would happen if they were not tied down…hay lost, much hard work and sweat gone to waste, and no food for livestock.

This got me thinking about my life…is it tied down?  Am I blowing crazily in the wind, or am I secured to the rock?  “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.”  (Psalm 18:2)  Sometimes life gets crazy, and winds are howling, and it feels like you’re going to blow away.  But the Rock that is stronger than me will hold me down and keep me together in my “haystack.”    Slainte, Lisa

Women helping to create haystacks