Two Kinds of Morning Sheep

There are generally two kinds of morning sheep.

This one:


Or this one:

Good morning! Lovely day we’re having! Howya doin’?

One guess as to which one I am this morning. And another guess as to how the writing is going. Oh, well. At least I am looking at cute pictures of sheep. That is always good.

Have a good weekend. Blessings, Lisa

A Cuppa Tea in My Hands

Cold morning. Still dark outside as the seasons change.

Warm Lyons tea. Hand painted cute raccoon mug.

As the warmth fills my hands, I relax. I feel better.

I enjoy holding the heat as much as drinking it.

I breathe deeply. Aahhh….

The restorative power of a cuppa tea in my hands.

Blessings on your day, and may you drink much good tea,


Postscript….those of you who prefer coffee, insert preferred word above. ūüôā

The Truth about Joy on a Rainy Monday Morning

Truth time.

The facts of this morning in my corner of the world:

  1. It’s raining….and has been raining for many days in Virginia.
  2. It’s Monday morning….enough said.
  3. I slept poorly last night, with many upsetting dreams.
  4. I want to eat toast and jam, but am trying to avoid sugar for ankle issues.

So….with these circumstances seemingly stacked against joy, I am trying my best to find very little things that bring joy. So far this morning:

  1. Warm Irish tea in a big mug.
  2. My favorite ever-present morning omelette.
  3. I made myself get on the exercise bike, reluctantly. But now I feel better.:)
  4. Singing some music, loudly. The two that made me feel the best this morning….”Amen (Reborn)” by for King and Country…..and “Happy Together” by The Turtles.
  5. Writing this blog. Always helps me feel better.

.”Then I shall give you rains in their season, so that the land will yield its produce and the trees of the field will bear their fruit.” – Leviticus 26:4

I am always happy to hear from any of you, your little ways to capture joy on a rainy Monday morning. Love to all of you, Lisa

**In case you would like to sing along also….

Help! A Pirate Has Come and Taken All My Coffee!!


Actually, I am the pirate. ¬†I drank all of my coffee yesterday, and in the fits of “I don’t want to go to Walmart,” I did not take the proper steps to ensure a happy morning this morning….i.e., buying the coffee and bringing it home. ¬†Hence, things are a bit dicey this morning. ¬†I am drinking Irish breakfast tea, and while it’s very good…..Well, you who drink coffee know what I’m saying. ¬†Glancing back over this post, I now see many run-on sentences, owing to my foggy brain.

Moral of the story? ¬†Coffee is good. ¬†Blessings on your day, and I hope you have plenty of coffee. ¬†Lisa ¬† ¬† ¬†(Number of times I said the word “coffee” in this post: 5. ¬†Now it’s 6.)