Help! A Pirate Has Come and Taken All My Coffee!!


Actually, I am the pirate.  I drank all of my coffee yesterday, and in the fits of “I don’t want to go to Walmart,” I did not take the proper steps to ensure a happy morning this morning….i.e., buying the coffee and bringing it home.  Hence, things are a bit dicey this morning.  I am drinking Irish breakfast tea, and while it’s very good…..Well, you who drink coffee know what I’m saying.  Glancing back over this post, I now see many run-on sentences, owing to my foggy brain.

Moral of the story?  Coffee is good.  Blessings on your day, and I hope you have plenty of coffee.  Lisa      (Number of times I said the word “coffee” in this post: 5.  Now it’s 6.)

Infusion of the Life Force

My husband and I used to act out a scene together from the play “To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday” that said:  “I need an infusion of ze life force!”  For some reason, we always liked that part and laughed a little too much, and still quote it today at random moments.  Usually when we’re tired and exhausted.  Well, I feel that way this morning; definitely needing a big life force infusion, pronto.  Of course, I have the caffeine from my morning tea already in full swing, but more life force is definitely needed.

I need the Source of life, the One who made me, who knows me, who loves me unconditionally.  Jesus.  He said, “I am the bread of life.  He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty….The Spirit gives life.”  (John 6:35, 63a)

As Sheryl Crow sings in her song, “The Light in Your Eyes”:

You gotta talk to the One who made you
Talk to the One who understands
Talk to the One who gave you all the light in your eyes
All the light in your eyes                                                  (c2004 Sheryl Crow)

Right about now I could make a lame reference to “May the Force be with you,” but I will refrain.  Oh wait, I already said it.  🙂  Have a wonderful, blessed, God-filled day.  Slainte, Lisa