The Way It Looks

Lisa at Kells

The old priory wall is tall; I am not.  In fact, I look positively wee in comparison.  Which I say with a certain amount of glee, as I’ve never considered myself wee at any point!  🙂

My Christmas to-do list is huge; my time and energy is not.  But is getting it all done really the point?

Life is here and now, and seems big.  But eternity with God lasts forever, and from what I’ve read, sounds amazingly stress-free and joyful.  And when I’m there, looking back, this will all seem wee.

“Living simply means concentrating on what’s important in light of eternity, and not taking the rest of life too seriously.”  -Annie Chapman

Blessings, Lisa

A Day in the Life of a Town

Ireland 2_0030

This is Cahir, Ireland, as seen from a bridge by Cahir Castle.  (which just happens to be my very, very favorite castle in Ireland)  An ordinary day in the life of a town, except that it happened to be a day that we stumbled upon the bridge, gazed down and took a picture.  Given the advantage of height and distance, we could see most of the street, the small cars, the delivery truck, the pedestrians on the sidewalks, the contrasting colors of the shops.  (I’ll give you one guess as to which is the souvenir shop!)

Time, distance, perspective can make things seem charming that are sometimes irritating when you are right in the middle of it.  🙂  The challenge is trying to remember that when I’m in the midst of the irritation.  Eventually, with enough space and time, it might end up being a good story and I will appreciate it better.    Blessings on your day, Lisa

What We’re Aware Of

The people in this village on St. Lucia were not aware of our small boat out at sea, and if they did see us, they probably thought, “Oh, another boat.”  We saw the village, the little dots of houses built into the hillside, but we thought, “Oh, what a nice little village,” took the picture, and gave the people there no more thought.  Yet all of the people on the boat had lives they were living and dealing with, and all of the people in the village had the same.  But we all get so wrapped up in what we can see, what we’re living and doing.  Somehow, it’s comforting to me to know that so many other people are going through similar things like me in this world.  I may not know them, but they’re there.  And God sees us all, and is guiding us through the maze, through the things we can’t see and aren’t aware of, to a beautiful ending.  Blessings, Lisa


“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.  Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal.”  – Isaiah 26:3,4


What If It Tilted?


I sometimes love to take strange pictures…ones that aren’t quite straight, not lined up correctly.  Why?  Just because I get tired of the same old thing and just want to see the world a little differently.  What if the world went sideways for a day?  You know, like in one of those funhouses, where the room is tilted and you can’t walk straight?  I guess I should be very thankful that the world doesn’t actually tilt so that I can feel it; that gravity and all those other forces I don’t quite understand keep me feeling upright and standing firm.  Because a disoriented and falling around Lisa can be a scary thing.  🙂  May your feel be solidly planted today, and may God keep you upright and planted on the Rock.  Slainte, Lisa

Can You See It?

What do you see in the rock?


Good job if you said “elephant”.  If you said something else, you’re probably just more creative than the rest of us.  🙂  If you didn’t see him, look again, his trunk is on the left, and he’s laying down in the grass, chilling out by the lake.

When I was younger I used to lay in the grass and look for shapes in the clouds and the tree leaves above my head.  I haven’t done that in far too long.  It’s funny as you get older, you worry about the bugs or ticks that may be crawling on you, and you forget how to just relax and enjoy laying in the summer  grass.  I need to change that in the next few days.

Enjoy your summer day.  Slainte, Lisa