Can You See It?

What do you see in the rock?


Good job if you said “elephant”.  If you said something else, you’re probably just more creative than the rest of us.  🙂  If you didn’t see him, look again, his trunk is on the left, and he’s laying down in the grass, chilling out by the lake.

When I was younger I used to lay in the grass and look for shapes in the clouds and the tree leaves above my head.  I haven’t done that in far too long.  It’s funny as you get older, you worry about the bugs or ticks that may be crawling on you, and you forget how to just relax and enjoy laying in the summer  grass.  I need to change that in the next few days.

Enjoy your summer day.  Slainte, Lisa

4 thoughts on “Can You See It?

  1. Like in not seeing the forest for the trees, I first saw an old, cracked rock with a little moss covering some of the wrinkles. (Kind of like people.) But in looking at the big picture, I did see the elephant. So – I guess you made your point quite well. Try to keep your eye on the big picture. Thanks! Sometimes I worry too much about the “small” stuff.

    • It’s amazing how what we see alters and changes by the way that we look at it. As far as sweating the small stuff, you and me both! 🙂 It reminds me of the story of us here on earth looking up at the tapestry, the back of it that’s messy and threads everywhere with no discernible pattern. But when we’re up in God’s heaven and looking at the topside of the tapestry, it’s beautiful, and all those threads have meaning.

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