Pull Up the Drawbridge….More Rain Coming

A throw-back photo from Cahir Castle, when my son was a little man of seven, circa 2001.  995

Sure wish we had a strong drawbridge about now, or an ark would do fine also.  Multitudinous amounts of rain forecast here over the next few days.

Stay safe and dry in your castle.  Slainte, Lisa

A Day in the Life of a Town

Ireland 2_0030

This is Cahir, Ireland, as seen from a bridge by Cahir Castle.  (which just happens to be my very, very favorite castle in Ireland)  An ordinary day in the life of a town, except that it happened to be a day that we stumbled upon the bridge, gazed down and took a picture.  Given the advantage of height and distance, we could see most of the street, the small cars, the delivery truck, the pedestrians on the sidewalks, the contrasting colors of the shops.  (I’ll give you one guess as to which is the souvenir shop!)

Time, distance, perspective can make things seem charming that are sometimes irritating when you are right in the middle of it.  🙂  The challenge is trying to remember that when I’m in the midst of the irritation.  Eventually, with enough space and time, it might end up being a good story and I will appreciate it better.    Blessings on your day, Lisa

Time Machine

The time between my baby boy being born and his going off to college as an 18 year old young adult has passed as if I was traveling in a time machine.  I was aware of time passing; each day passed at a normal rate of speed, but they seemed to compound into years at an abnormal speed.  Everyone says this, I know; it’s quite the cliche among parents.  But when you’re experiencing it yourself for the first time, it is quite something.  You find yourself smiling and bursting with pride one moment, and crying and trying desperately to hold on in the next.  And since I don’t want my sweet son to think I’m a wimp, I try to hide it alot.  But all in all, I am happy for him, proud of him, and excited for the next chapter in his God-given life.

Here are two pictures, taken in the drawbridge section, beside the same door, of Cahir Castle in Ireland, 2001 and 2009.  And he’s even taller now.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

Raising the drawbridge in Cahir

Taller than the door at 15

Cahir Castle

One of our favorite castles in Ireland (because how can you pick just one?!) is Cahir Castle, located in County Tipperary.  Dating back to the 13th-15th centuries, and designed by Conor O’Brien, it is an impressive, imposing, yet beautiful defensive castle.  This is the kind of castle that inspires 7-year-old boys to proclaim, “I could live here FOREVER!”  and propel return visits because you may have missed something the first go-around.  Have a wonderful day, Lisa