Go Around Me….I’m Sleeping

Here’s a Glencolmcille sheep who has the Tuesday morning thing down well…


And yes, she didn’t move, and yes, we drove around her, being careful to miss these other two who didn’t get up either….


Chilled to the max, or maybe  still exhausted from their big weekend…

Here’s to cloudy Tuesdays!  We’re up, we’re up.  Lisa

3 thoughts on “Go Around Me….I’m Sleeping

    • I would love to, but I’m here in the States, and don’t think I can get back over to Ireland in January. But if they come here, I am so there!! 🙂 I’m glad you got tickets, which city?

      • Oh ok, yeah I’m seeing them in Cardiff…I’m sure they’ll be up and running in America again, so happy they’re back together 😀 xx *big wave bye* from England -Catherine

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