Bound to Come Some Trouble

I’m not sure who might need to hear this, but here it is. This is a song that has helped me on many occasions, and I’m sure will help me again on many more.

I am thankful for all of you, any of you who read this blog and encourage along the way. I pray that all of you have a blessed thanksgiving, whatever it is you choose to do. Peace of Christ to you all, Lisa

3 thoughts on “Bound to Come Some Trouble

  1. Douglas Downer here. I believe you are trying to present a up lifting blog here and I come along with my thoughts of the day and destroy what you are trying to do. I feel I should stop it and be ashamed.

    • Everyone goes through hard times. That is just part of life. I am just so thankful that Christ is above and beyond all this. We have a future hope that is beautiful. Have a great thanksgiving!

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