When I See

This song was written as I journeyed through a difficult passage of life. I pray it encourages your soul this morning, no matter what you are traveling through. Jesus never leaves us or forsakes us. He will come in glory in the clouds someday soon, and we will see Him. And every tear will be wiped away. Praise God! If you need prayer, let me know. I would love to pray for you. Blessings, Lisa

Available on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, or other streaming platforms. Lisa Lyons, An Unexpected Journey.

10 thoughts on “When I See

  1. Thank you for the incredible inspiration and encouragement this beautiful song always gives me! It is definitely one of your finest and best!!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration today with this beautiful song of encouragement and hope! It always brings a tear to my eye, but it is powerful!! God bless you, Lisa.

  3. Wow! I’ve never heard this one, Lisa. I couldn’t access it from your blog yesterday, so I came back today. When I do “previous” it must be a different format, and I got to hear it. What a powerful message that exactly matches your music. The repeated, droning tonal bass of the verse is so effective, especially when the chord goes major for the chorus. It’s like we can’t wait for that to happen! So well written! I am constantly amazed by your talent, Girl. God has given you Such a gift.

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