Cold Weather Friends

Waiting all year for their time to shine

Hoping they haven’t been left behind

But cold it dawns, and breath is seen

The sweater and the blanket gleam

As if they were gold and precious things

The warmth, the softness, the comfort brings

Their time to shine is here.

c2022 Lisa Lyons

6 thoughts on “Cold Weather Friends

    • My sweater and blanket have starring roles this morning. My current best friends. 🙂 Thanks for writing! Stay warm and cosy

  1. Think About Things image……… I must be brain dead, but that little image on the upper left side is you at the piano. :o)

    Cool today, but nice tomorrow.
    I am still thinking of the lone bagpiper in Saint John, New Brunswick giving us a send off as our cruise ship untied from the dock. What a nice tribute to the one day visitors. I do not know why but a tear was in my eye.

    • Your eyes do not deceive you! heehee
      I like the thought of the serenading bagpiper as you and your wife sailed away. The tune trailing out into the waters of the ocean….

      • We always are keeping an eye out for a trip. It has been several years since we in Ireland. I knew you and Ed like to travel across the “pond” as much as you can. Next trip will find us up in you all’s neck of the woods. Graves Mountain Lodge is holding their apple festival this coming week. The weather looks very nice and the folk and blue grass music is a favorite of mine.

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