They’re On To Something

True confession time: when my son was small, we were a Barney, yes the big purple dinosaur, kind of household for a time.  As the amazingly agile and light-footed dinosaur would sing and dance his way through thirty minutes of Barney-world scenarios, things seemed lighter, happier, not so serious.

As an admitted music junkie and an amazingly avid dance fan (for someone who can’t dance 🙂 ), I think Barney’s on to something.  I feel the same way when I watch The Muppet Movie and see everyone singing and dancing through the town, “Life’s a Happy Song.”  Before I know it, I’m singing along and bopping my head like nobody’s business.  I watch “Riverdance” and “Lord of the Dance” and related hard-shoe fantasticness and any sense of doom and gloom I might have felt prior lifts right away.

So to begin your weekend off right, and to put a spring in your step and a song in your heart….here’s your jumpstart.  Slainte, Lisa

P.S.  If you start singing Barney or Kermit songs today, hold your head high and sing loud!  😉

7 thoughts on “They’re On To Something

  1. I LOVE Riverdance! I long to be able to do that, it’s just so exciting. And yes, we were a Barney family for quite awhile…2 of my boys loved him and we sung lots! Thanks for the adrenaline rush this morning and smiles:D . I hope your day is filled with many reasons to smile!

    • So glad that you enjoyed it…yes, when I watch Riverdance, I think, “Ok, ok, I’ll just take lessons and do that!” And then reason kicks in, and I’m just so glad that someone can do it so I can enjoy it. 🙂 Although, if you and I want to start a Riverdance class….heehee! Love, Lisa

      • Not a totally bad idea-it’s crazy enough to work! With our challenged legs & feet our classes would be full of people who say “I have to see this”! I’m hearing chung-ching over my giggles!!!!

  2. I like that! I can’t sing, can’t dance, BUT as the melodies and dance steps go thru my mind – I feel like Fred Astaire. Great way to start a day. so I guess the moral to the story is “Be all you THINK you can be”.

    • I think I’m a muppet…I think I’m a muppet….actually, I think I’m Jean Butler, the lead dancer from Riverdance…taller and better looking. 🙂 And you are definitely a great dancer, but I was thinking more Gene Kelly. Thanks for writing! Love, Lisa

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