Lisa Top 5 St Patrick’s Day Countdown…Number 3

Narrowing down my top 3 favorite Irish bands/singers has been a daunting task, but an enjoyable one, as I get to listen to lots of great tunes while deciding.¬† ūüôā¬† Number three has got to be The Chieftains…when I listen to them, I feel like I’m right there in Ireland, sitting by the fire in a pub, with great craic¬†all about.¬† Here’s a clip of The Chieftains performing in 1991 with the pre-Riverdance Jean Butler.¬† Enjoy the hornpipe and the dancing.¬† Slainte, Lisa

They’re On To Something

True confession time: when my son was small, we were a Barney, yes the big purple dinosaur, kind of household for a time.  As the amazingly agile and light-footed dinosaur would sing and dance his way through thirty minutes of Barney-world scenarios, things seemed lighter, happier, not so serious.

As an admitted¬†music junkie and an amazingly avid dance fan (for someone who can’t dance ūüôā ), I think Barney’s on to something.¬† I feel the same way when I watch The Muppet Movie and see everyone singing and dancing through the town, “Life’s a Happy Song.”¬† Before I know it, I’m singing along and bopping my head like nobody’s business.¬† I watch “Riverdance” and “Lord of the Dance” and related hard-shoe fantasticness¬†and any sense of doom and gloom I might have felt prior lifts right away.

So to¬†begin your weekend off right, and to put a spring in your step and a song in your heart….here’s your jumpstart.¬† Slainte, Lisa

P.S.¬† If you start singing Barney or Kermit¬†songs today, hold your head high and sing loud!¬† ūüėČ

Irish Music and Dance…It’s Universal

Most people have seen or heard about “Riverdance” and the phenomenom of Irish dancing and music shows that have sprung up since.¬† Evidently, it has even spread far south to the penguin population.¬† Here’s a bit of a laugh to start off your Monday.¬† Enjoy!¬† Lisa