Stuff I Don’t Get

There are many things that I don’t get…stuff that evidently is God’s domain, stuff He has reasons for that I just cannot understand.  And on hard days, that just has to be enough.  It’s what I grab onto and hold onto with all my might.  God’s got it…God’s got it.  Some lyrics from U2’s Yahweh song really say it well:

“Take this soul, stranded in some skin and bones

Take this soul and make it sing, sing…

Yahweh…Yahweh….always pain before a child is born

Yahweh…Yahweh….still I’m waiting for the dawn…

The sun is coming out…the sun is coming up on the ocean…

Take this heart, take this heart, and make it break…”

(U2, “Yahweh”, HTDAAB)

He is teaching me something good, and it will be alright.  I’m waiting for the dawn, the sun that I know is coming out over the ocean.  I’ll be there with a big smile on my face and arms open wide to meet it.  Slainte, Lisa

6 thoughts on “Stuff I Don’t Get

  1. Hold on and keep believing!! That’s what we ALL have to do as we go through life! I’m reminded of the song: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Skies Are Blue!” The sun will come back out after the rain, as you said. The good book says: “In this life there will be trouble.” However, it also tells us to lean on him, and he will give us the strength we need. Keep on trusting and holding on, Lisa!,

  2. yes, there is beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness!! Hold on to the promises!! love ya! Gay

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