A Basket of Crackers, Anyone?

Life is funny.  And the strange, odd things that occur are sometimes the funniest.  Like yesterday, my husband and I went out for a nice lunch together at a nice Greek restaurant.  We order, and as we’re waiting for our meal, the nice waitress calmly brings our drinks, and a large basket filled up with saltine CRACKERS!  Now, maybe I’m not up-to-date on Greek tradition, but this struck us both as hilarious.  Here is the aforementionned basket.

Now that’s a lot of crackers to eat, unless you’re extremely fond of saltines, or you belong to a family of 18 people.  We started laughing, and couldn’t stop.  My husband who happens to love crackers, could barely eat them.

The child in the booth behind us began peeking around and staring at us.  We knew we had to pull it together.  Thank God for laughter; it was better than 40 hours of therapy and massage put together.    Here’s a new Irish blessing for you…May you have all the crackers you need, and never reach the bottom of your basket.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

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