Truth Vs. Beauty, or are they the same?

The truth can sometimes be hard to face, and some would say, ugly.  Yet the truth sets you free.  There is nothing to hide behind, no deception, no unreality.  Truth is truth, and it’s real, and it never changes.  Our world is obsessed with beauty, with beautiful people, with trying to stay beautiful.  Yet the truth of who and what we are, of living life,  is beautiful too.  Because we’re all flawed people who are trying to love the best we can.  Here are some “truthful” pictures of old, broken down homes in Ireland, that some would call ugly and an eyesore.  Yet, to me they are beautiful, they have stories to tell, and they live as a testimony to the lives of those who passed before us.

Worn-out tower staircase

Abandoned Home or Inn, Gap of Dunloe

An old room with a view

I am challenging myself to look for beauty in the unexpected and the truthful places.  I want to be the kind of person who can see some good, even in the worst of situations.  Because I definitely would like people to do that for me.

Slainte, Lisa

I welcome your thoughts...

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