Traveling with the Little Darlings

Traveling with children.

The best and the most challenging of times.

Enough said.

Ok, ok, I’ll say some more.  My husband and I like to travel, and we have three children.  Our family travel memories are amongst the very best of our collective memories, and I pray that we can collect a few more over the years.

These pictures are of a VERY long, windy, bumpy car ride on tiny, narrow Irish roads.  Everyone was getting a bit punchy, as you can see.  However, our reward for such an endurance test was pictures and experiences such as this, on top of Blarney Castle.  Is it worth it?  Definitely.

I think the key to traveling well with children is to plan, plan, plan before the trip, and then relax, relax, relax once you get there.  Now this is a funny statement if you know me.  But hey, I’m working on it!  One day I’m going to be the most chilled out woman around!

Speaking of travel, I am going to post a poll for ALL of you to take today on your travel preferences.  Please take it, and it may provide fodder for another interesting post to come!  Enjoy your weekend!     Slainte, Lisa

2 thoughts on “Traveling with the Little Darlings

    • 2 of the 5 of us did! Due to the immense embarrassment of those who did not due to overwhelming sense of “wow, that is much higher than I thought, and I have to dangle upside down over the drop”, I will forego saying who passed! haha

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