To Shear a Sheep

Yes, I do realize that this is not a sheep.  It is my sweet dog, Fritz.  He is furry, no doubt about it.  Furry enough that as I was walking him in the yard soon after we got him, our neighbor called out, “What are you walking that sheep for?”  Much laughter on his part ensued, and much to Fritz’ chagrin, that joke continued for a few years.

Anyway, giving him a haircut is always a major undertaking.  I could take him to the local doggie hair salon, but I’ve always just cut him myself at home.  He’s the jittery type, and it gives us lots of one-on-one time.  Plus, I can cut him just the way I like it, not too short.  (as long as he holds still of course, always a major variable!)

So, these last two pictures are my buddy and me after the big haircut/bath experience.  He is frantically licking his wet paws in these pictures, trying to get them back into normal Fritz form, I guess.  Bless his heart.  I love, love my dog, and I bet all of you have a great dog/cat/animal story of a special one in your life.  Please share; I’d love to hear them!      Slainte, Lisa

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