It’s hard to see the houses for the flowers.  It’s hard to even notice the beautiful water, or the rocky beach, or the hillside.  My eye is just drawn  to the flowers.  The camera’s perspective is focusing, aiming, and adjusting to capture the flowers.

The people living in those houses over on the far hill can’t see these flowers from where they are.  They are living their everyday lives, and they are not thinking about those flowers.

When I am stuck in a situation that seems overwhelming or all-consuming, I sometimes can’t see anything else.  I don’t see my flowers.  But I am trying, with God’s merciful help and love, to change that.  He’s showing me that in the middle of everything, He is there, and beauty and truth and love is still there.  And that I need to stop, take many deep breaths, and look.  God’s mercies are new every morning.

Slainte, Lisa

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