The Story of a Snowman, Part Two

*This is part two….if you haven’t read part one yet, you should, in order to enjoy this post to its fullest.*  🙂

Frosty had fallen, face first, into the grass.  I thought it was over for the dear little snowman, but I was wrong.  My husband, knowing my soft heart, had a plan, a wonderful plan.  That evening while I was putting Amy to sleep, he and my two older children moved Frosty.  That’s right, they picked him up, put each part in the wheelbarrow, and put him back together on the sidewalk right outside our kitchen window.  When I came downstairs, there he was, just sitting there looking at me as if to say, “See?  I told you I’d be back again someday!”  🙂  And yes, I was so touched by my husband’s sweetness and effort to make me smile.

Frosty's Back!  Dec. 27, evening

Frosty’s Back! Dec. 27, evening


Frosty and I, chilling out on Dec. 30, afternoon

Frosty, who was first made on Dec. 26, is still standing this morning, as of 8:10 AM Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve.  He is an amazing snowman, but not as amazing as my husband.  Thanks honey; I love you.  Lisa


The Story of a Snowman, Part One


The day after Christmas, it snowed.  A wet, sticky, heavy snow that was just perfect for snowmen and snowballs.  So we made a snowman…a big hearty fellow with a kind face and an orange for a nose.  Being the highly original people that we are, we named him Frosty, and he seemed pleased.   With his jaunty cap and festive scarf, he greeted passers-by on the road for an entire day.  However, sometime on the second day, he fell, face down, as if he was taking a nap.  I felt ridiculously sad about the whole thing, as I had liked this snowman more than a person should, and couldn’t bring myself to go look at him laying there.  (You have to remember, I was the kind of child who cried when my favorite trees were cut down, and my “Chitty-Chitty Putt-Putt” car of my dad’s was sold.)  I thought Frosty’s story was over, but I was very wrong.  I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me that evening.  Please tune into Monday’s installment to read the conclusion of the Snowman’s story.  Slainte, Lisa