Princess Camera At The Ready


Ready to get her sheep photos

Ready to get her sheep photos

While travelling in Ireland, my then 2 1/2 year old had her little pink princess camera ready for action at all times.  She had several mini-meltdowns upon learning that she had left it in the car after climbing up a certain long hill, and another time she left it sitting on the wall of a ring fort, requiring the drive back to get her “pictures.” After those two times, we were all diligent to check that camera was in hand.  Her favorite subjects were the sheep of course, and she was upset that they would never look up and pose for the camera.


Which makes me remember my little Fisher Price camera from the late 1960’s….I loved pushing that little yellow button and watching the “flash bulb” move.  And absolutely no worries how the photo turned out….they were all perfect.  😉

Enjoy your camera today, whether it be a phone camera, fancy top of the line model, or a pink plastic one.  Slainte, Lisa

Boundless Hope Dressed in Everyday Clothes

Ireland 2_0028

One reason that I love photographs is that they frame life in beautiful, small, graspable visions.  Putting the usual in the lens in an unusual or lovely way.  Seeing what we think of as ordinary and making it extraordinary.  We know that we are surrounded by beauty and joy, but seeing it captured on camera immortalizes it somehow, helps it to stay fixed and perfect in our minds.  Hope and joy are around us everywhere; we just have to be able to recognize them in their everyday clothes.  Slainte, Lisa