Boundless Hope Dressed in Everyday Clothes

Ireland 2_0028

One reason that I love photographs is that they frame life in beautiful, small, graspable visions.  Putting the usual in the lens in an unusual or lovely way.  Seeing what we think of as ordinary and making it extraordinary.  We know that we are surrounded by beauty and joy, but seeing it captured on camera immortalizes it somehow, helps it to stay fixed and perfect in our minds.  Hope and joy are around us everywhere; we just have to be able to recognize them in their everyday clothes.  Slainte, Lisa

How to Not Look Like a Tourist, but Still Get the Picture

One of my big things when I travel is that I don’t want to look like the typical “tourist”…different clothes, awestruck look on my face everytime I see a new thing, inevitable camera firing away at everything.  Yet, the more I think I about this, how can you avoid it?  I mean, you can try your best to dress similarly to the native population, and adopt similar cultural mannerisms, but you NEED the pictures.  When I get home, I get so much pleasure from looking at all the pictures again.  They capture the moments; moments that you might forget otherwise.  So the camera stays…they’ll just have to know I’m a happy tourist.  Here’s Amy with her Princess camera….she started young.  🙂

Slainte, Lisa