Hiding Our Humanity, or, How to Miss the Best Days of Our Lives

I am attending a family wedding soon. This is no ordinary wedding, in fact, it is a veritable gala. 😉 It is very easy to get caught up in the nerves of trying to fit in, trying to be whatever it is that I think is expected of me in order to be a presentable human at this event. I struggle with attempting to mold my personality, my core self into the mold that is presented to me.

What to wear? What to say or not say? Will my ankle hold out? All these questions stem from insecurity and from too much navel gazing. Too much thinking about myself.

We are all humans. We are all aging, thank goodness. Aging means we are still blessed enough to still be on this beautiful planet, and still able to praise our beautiful God and Savior Jesus Christ.

I am praying hard to not fall into my old traps of self-consciousness and people pleasing. I just want to be me, the me that blesses and encourages others, that is interested in their lives. I am praying that we will all enjoy each other’s differences and quirks and personalities. That we love all the ways that humans are created, that we stir each other on to more love for our God.

Most of all, I am praying for a lifetime of love and commitment and caring for the two lovebirds tying the knot. I am praying for all of us to surround them with love and excitement as they look forward to celebrating the best days of their lives. Every day. For as many years as God grants them on this earth, and in eternity to come.

Looking up and out, Lisa

Flurry Fly of Energy

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Do you ever have one of those mornings where you have an abundance of energy, but no clear focus? That is definitely me this morning. 🙂 I feel like a newly hatched fly, landing here and there, but not staying very long in any one place. Yet I have an odd sense of excitement.

It always amuses me as to how complex we human beings have been created. Some days we are energetic; others we can barely put two words together. Happy/sad, emotional/stoic, compassionate/hard….the list goes on and on. I am so very thankful that my amazing God holds all of these parts of us together.

So as I buzz about this morning, I will be thankful for the flurry of energy and thankful for this wonderful gift called life. Praying your morning is buzzing along well.

Love, Lisa