The Healing Powers of an Enticing Goal from an Amazing God


God can use all sorts of things to heal us, to lift our spirits for a time and give us hope.  This picture shows us happily smiling with an amazingly beautiful view behind us in Portmagee, Ireland.  What the picture doesn’t show is the hike that preceeded it, one foot placed after the other to reach the top.  What it also doesn’t show is my sprained right ankle, carefully wrapped and tucked tightly inside a laced-up boot.  You see, I had turned it two days earlier in the airport enroute, and I thought hiking was definitely out of the question for a few more days.  I had iced, rested, elevated, but I was in IRELAND, baby!  We drove by this short hike, and I said, “Let’s try it….I can stop if it gets too bad.”  Step, step, step, keep going, almost there…..aaaahhhh…look at that view!!!!  🙂  And suddenly, that ankle felt so much better.  And it was fine the rest of the trip.  God’s beauty, a goal, what a great combination.

Note to self:  Must remember this story and keep on looking for the views.  🙂

Blessings on your day, Lisa

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