The Foggy Dew

Beautiful morning….thin transparent clouds touching the ground, creating a hazy misty wonderland of hiddenness.  The sun somewhere behind those low clouds trying to push through, hitting the dew on the grass and making it glitter like wet diamonds under my feet.  As I walked my daughter to the bus stop, I told her we were walking through a cloud, and she kept waving her hand through the air, saying, “I don’t feel it.”  “But look around,” I replied.  “The fog, the low clouds, are all around us.  We see it, but we don’t feel it.”

Thank you God, for the reminder that You are everywhere I see, even when I can’t feel it.  Your clouds came down and kissed the earth this morning and kissed us too, and that’s awesome.  🙂

Here’s a wonderful peaceful rendition of the trad tune, “The Foggy Dew,” for you to chill out to this morning.

Slainte, Lisa

In the Mist

In the mist, there’s an island…

An island where there are flowers and rocks and life…

Within that life, there is love…

And in that love, there is Jesus.


Look through the mist of your life; sometimes things look very foggy and dim, but ahead there is love and life and Jesus.  Slainte, Lisa