Finnegan Friday


It’s Friday, and thank the good Lord above, a little time to chill and relax.  Here is Finnegan, my fine little pooch.  He really knows how to kick back…just find a good dog bed, a favorite blanket, his baby….he’s good to go.  Praying that you have some good chill out time this weekend also.  Blessings, Lisa

Nose to the Wind


Our dog Finnegan has taught me many things, but the thing I love the most is his total appreciation for the feel of the wind on his face.  He faces the wind full on, lifts his nose to smell all the fresh outside, and closes his eyes as if he’s totally experiencing it and loving it.  🙂  After watching him do this several times, I stood beside him and tried it.  Closed my eyes, lifted my head up, and breathed deeply.  And it was wonderful.  Relaxing yet awakening at the same time.  So if you drive by our house and see a dog and a girl with their eyes closed, wind whipping their hair back, we’re not crazy.  We’re happy.  Slainte, Lisa

Cockapoo Puppy At Rest


An unusual but welcome sight in the day of a puppy owner’s life.  🙂  Usually we see this face:  “Can we go out?  Please?  I love you!”

DSCN2235 Finnegan is now five and a half months old, and lost his first baby tooth the other day.  My youngest daughter was upset that there was apparently no tooth fairy for dogs.  But Finnegan got an extra treat or two (or ten) that day, which is the best kind of tooth fairy for him.  🙂  Have a blessed day!  Lisa

Finnegan’s Snow Day

Being 3 months old, being a puppy, having your whole world turn snowy overnight…Finnegan having an awesome day!  Hope your day ahead is full of adventure and new things.  Slainte, Lisa


Having scaled the snowy mountain, Finnegan holds fast, legs braced.

"I know that grass is down here somewhere!"  Finnegan digs in vain.

“I know that grass is down here somewhere!” Finnegan digs in vain.

Finnegan surrenders to the comforts of a warm couch and a nap.

Finnegan surrenders to the comforts of a warm couch and a nap.