Nose to the Wind


Our dog Finnegan has taught me many things, but the thing I love the most is his total appreciation for the feel of the wind on his face.  He faces the wind full on, lifts his nose to smell all the fresh outside, and closes his eyes as if he’s totally experiencing it and loving it.  🙂  After watching him do this several times, I stood beside him and tried it.  Closed my eyes, lifted my head up, and breathed deeply.  And it was wonderful.  Relaxing yet awakening at the same time.  So if you drive by our house and see a dog and a girl with their eyes closed, wind whipping their hair back, we’re not crazy.  We’re happy.  Slainte, Lisa

7 thoughts on “Nose to the Wind

  1. Our cat Willow is exactly the same. He was a rescue cat and we thought he was a house cat. Not a bit of it. He loves the outdoors from early morning to evening, although he comes home to bed at night. And he loves a gentle breeze on his face. if it is a bit chilly and he isn’t sure whether to go out or not, he will sit in the open patio door (we don’t have a cat flap) sniffing the air. eyes closed like Finnegan. He is not keen on a hearty gale, though. He crouches and ducks as he flees through the door, still desperate to be out in the fresh air.
    I’ve not tried sniffing the air with him yet. I will have to try that. Sounds refreshing!
    Cheers, Julia

    • Thanks for the great comment…I can just picture Willow happy to explore the great outdoors. Have fun trying the wind in the face thing with him. 🙂 Have a blessed day, Lisa

  2. What a neat post, and something I surely want to try!! Thanks, Finnegan, for showing us how to enjoy the windy days, which I have never been fond of , I’ll have to admit!! Blessings to both you and little Finnegan.

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