Excitement building

Plans unfolding

Wheels are turning in my mind

Hope and newness and sounds

Swirling, tumbling, teasing, calling

Right around the next breath

c2014 Lisa Lyons

 “Is anyone happy?  Let him sing songs of praise.”  ~James 5:13b

Blessings and happiness and excitement and joy to you today, Lisa

I Will Fly

The last track off Flight of Freedom….I can’t wait to fly, really fly, one day.   I will see all those I love who have passed, and we will talk and talk and it will seem as if we have been only a second apart.  Then Jesus will come, and I will see Him, and that will be all I will ever have to see again.  Voice like many waters, Love radiating from every part of Him.  Have a blessed weekend!  Lisa

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I Will Sing

Some mornings, or afternoons, or evenings, I just don’t want to sing.  For a person who loves to sing, this is always weird and disconcerting.  But when I feel like that, that is the very time that I need to sing the most.  It lifts me out of the pity-party mode and into the God-party.  🙂

“I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me.” ~Psalm 13:6

God is so good.  Blessings on your day, Lisa


I Will Not Fear

ireland crosses

I Will Not Fear
c2012 Lisa Lyons

I will not fear for You promise to stay by me

Who can I fear when You’re by my side?

You are my strength, giving me song

Keeping me safe in Your arms…

Help me to run to You when I feel scared and all alone

Knowing You’ll hide me safe within Your shadow

Let me love the way You love me, open my eyes to see

You desire only good for me…

I will not fear for You promise to stay by me

Who can I fear when You’re by my side?

Blessings to you for a weekend that is full of love, friends, family, and may you know without a doubt that the love of God is all around you.           Slainte, Lisa