A Rocky Morning


It’s been one of those mornings….not smooth, not quiet, not problem-free.  I feel like I’m walking in the Burren area of Ireland…you pick your way carefully, rock by rock, carefully placing your feet so you don’t fall down into a crack, and eventually, you come to some smoother rocks and green grass again.  But the amazing thing about the Burren is that there are many flowers and vegetation growing in the midst of this craggy landscape.  They thrive and ornament in the midst of hardship.  I want to be like those flowers, beautiful, providing hope and joy in the midst.  Pray for me to be that, and let me know how I can pray for you today.  Blessings, Lisa

9 thoughts on “A Rocky Morning

    • Thank you so much Thomas! The day has smoothed out a bit now, thank goodness. 🙂 Hope your day is a good one….. Take care, Lisa

  1. Father, let Lisa know that she is a flower in the midst of a rock, barren, land, providing a ray of sunshine to anyone who happens to stumble across this little place in cyberspace. I pray that she will find peace in her day, that she may be filled with your peace. Help her to not stumble on the rocks.

    Lisa, I would ask you to pray for me to be steadfast in faith and devotion, and that my prayers of intercession would be faithful and effective. Also, please pray for the rest of my family to get over these bloody colds! 🙂

    • Jeff, thank you so much for that….it made me cry happy tears. 🙂 The day has smoothed out, praise God, and I feel much more peaceful tonight. And now I am praying for you and your family to feel better very soon! Take care, Lisa

  2. This post that I just “stumbled across,” as Jeff would say, is truly one of your finest! Finding the good and the beauty in life is sometimes difficult, but there is something of value or something to be learned in every circumstance, if we look for it. Thank you for sharing these special words of wisdom and inspiration. We pray for you everyday, and pray today that you will continue to be “a light” to all of us! ACN

    • Thank you so much! The hard times are hard, which I guess is why they call them hard times, but it definitely does make you stronger, and make me rely more on God through it all. Love, Lisa

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