Sunny Vs. Soft Day

Someone recently commented to me that most of my Ireland pictures were taken on cloudy/rainy/soft days.  And I responded that for some reason I liked the pictures of Ireland taken on those soft days better than the sunny ones.  Although, when we are in Ireland, I appreciate the warm sunny days so much.  But there’s something about old castles, craggy mountainsides, and sheep in the foggy mist that hit me as just about perfect.  🙂  What do you think? Comment below.  Here are two sets of similar pictures taken on two different days, with very different weather.   Enjoy your sunny or soft day today.  Slainte, Lisa

Soft day cliff

Soft day cliff

Sunny cliffside

Sunny cliffside

Sunny day Ballycarberry castle ruin

Sunny day Ballycarberry castle ruin

Soft day castle ruin

Soft day castle ruin





7 thoughts on “Sunny Vs. Soft Day

  1. Both types of photographs have their very special charm. The misty and/or soft pictures are more mysterious. You need to look at them with your heart – not only with your eyes – to really get the whole picture.
    My favourite computer background is a Microsoft Live Wallpaper ‘Ireland’. My favourite pic: a ruin, dark grey clouds, sheep. I adore this view.

    Thank you once again for providing these amazing blog posts. 🙂

    • Karen, Thanks so much for commenting! I totally agree with you, and love what you said about seeing it with your heart. Love, love, love! Have an awesome day, Lisa

    • The Irish use the term “soft” a lot….e.g., Soft day, thank God. If it’s a gentle rain, the expression is used as a greeting. Now if it’s windy and pouring, it’s more of a “lashing.” I also love the word, and the sentiment behind it. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. For the cliff pictures, both are very beautiful, and I don’t have a preference. For the castle, I’m definitely with you on the foggy, “soft,” day. I must prefer that on.

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