Viewing History


Hundreds of years past today, our descendants will look back at 2013 and ponder, pontificate and conjecture about our culture, our political movements, our ancient houses and inventions, which by then will be obsolete.  Which rather freaks me out, as it’s hard to think past tomorrow, much less hundreds of years from now when I am singing and hopefully flying(!) in Heaven.  🙂

Take Blarney Castle, for example.  Now, visitors from all over the world travel to the elusive and fabled “Blarney Stone” to kiss the lay-on-your-back, bend-backwards and downwards-stone to receive their Irish gift of gab.  But when Cormac McCarthy lived there in the 1400’s, he didn’t foresee all that.  He was just trying to keep Britain from taking the castle, by stalling, planning banquets for the invaders, and finally escaping attack by using the underground tunnels to go to Kerry and Cork.  He was living his life, and hopefully living it well.

So I’m not going to think about this any longer….I’m going to try to live my life today well, no looking back, and looking forward in hope.  And I pray the same for you.  Slainte, Lisa

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