What If It Tilted?


I sometimes love to take strange pictures…ones that aren’t quite straight, not lined up correctly.  Why?  Just because I get tired of the same old thing and just want to see the world a little differently.  What if the world went sideways for a day?  You know, like in one of those funhouses, where the room is tilted and you can’t walk straight?  I guess I should be very thankful that the world doesn’t actually tilt so that I can feel it; that gravity and all those other forces I don’t quite understand keep me feeling upright and standing firm.  Because a disoriented and falling around Lisa can be a scary thing.  🙂  May your feel be solidly planted today, and may God keep you upright and planted on the Rock.  Slainte, Lisa

5 thoughts on “What If It Tilted?

    • Oh no, it’s definitely not just you. Sometimes after a hard time in our family, I feel like everything is tilted for a while. And everything else around me just keeps going normally, unaware of the tilting in my perception. Does that make sense?

    • Me too…sometimes I feel like my head’s on that way, or maybe everyone else’s heads are upside down and mine is the opposite. lol 🙂

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