Birds In a Bush


These beautiful snowy egrets are plentiful on St. Kitts in the Caribbean.  Delaney, our taxi driver, said that these birds had been brought onto the island to get rid of tics.   I think that if they would be happy in my yard, they would be a welcome sight here in Virginia.  Tics, be gone!  🙂  Have a wonderful day.  Blessings, Lisa

5 thoughts on “Birds In a Bush

  1. Like you, I need some tick eating birds. I started to count the birds and at first came up with 10. Then, I looked again and saw all those white things in the background and couldn’t tell if they were rocks or birds. Well, I guess if the birds don’t get all the ticks, we can always throw the rocks at the survivors. (Or call in the birds that might or might not be rocks.) Thanks for blessing my day.

    • You’re so funny…you got me laughing aloud in the morning, and that is no small thing! 🙂 Those birds fly all over the island; we saw hundreds of them.

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